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May 03 2019

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I am really playing too much with the Friends AI scene and dialogue generator. I find it fascinating. Here is one more scene.

ROSS: Hi Rach!
RACHEL: Hi Ross!
ROSS: I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for pushing Phoebe into the arms with my hypnosis skills. You were not pushing her.
RACHEL: Oh, that's okay, you're not a hypnosis speaker.
ROSS: Actually I was, but I'm not.
RACHEL: Oh, that's fine, that's really fine. So, what do you want to do now?
ROSS: I want to do a tour!
RACHEL: Oh, that's great!
ROSS: How great is this?
RACHEL: So, how 'bout a tour? You on the lips, me on the lips.
ROSS: Oh, yeah, that's a good idea.
RACHEL: Okay. Oo, sorry, I was hoping to get a picture.
ROSS: Yeah, well, you know, you're, you're Mama's Pie, sort of a, uh, responsibility kinda...
MONICA: Well, I actually know the recipe better than you, because I made lasagne, but I didn't want you to get food poisoning.
ROSS: Yeah, well, if anyone should escape that cell phone prison, it should be Monica, because, it's, it's easy to get lost and they distract each other.
MONICA: Well, if you don't know what balloon is, you can never have both.
ROSS: So, what are you going to do?
MONICA: Well, I guess I could walk the halls in my underwear and take a couple pictures. It'd be really cool, actually.
PHOEBE: Hey, are you guys free tonight?
MONICA: When's the last time we saw her?
RACHEL: Oh, she told me to tell you to call her.
MONICA: Oh my God, she must have world No. 2 when she was in high school.
RACHEL: Oh, I'm sorry. Did you hear that?
MONICA: Phoebe, it's so terrible. It's terrible. It's terrible.
PHOEBE: No, it's not terrible. It's very rare.
MONICA: Phoebe, it's not very rare.
PHOEBE: Ok, then you're just gonna have to deal with something, you'll have to deal with it, you'll have to.

Someone needs to make an AI-driven anime scene generator. Like one you could point to all the different episodes on Kissanime with and generate dialogue between anime characters from any series. It would be really amazing and cool if you could have dialogue from characters between different anime series.

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I was reading this list of the ten anime characters you would want as a friend. That made me think of the TV Show Friends, which is playing on Netflix. Then I found this automated Friends script generator that is driven by AI. And I got this scene:

PHOEBE: Hi Monica!
MONICA: Hi Pheebs!
PHOEBE: Listen, I am sorry I was so hard on you before, but I have some news.
PHOEBE: Um-hmm.
MONICA: You're pregnant.
MONICA: Yeah. I'm just so excited to be living with you.
PHOEBE: Ohh! It's so easy! I can forget about my Mom and Dad. I remember how we were playing that we couldn't stop laughing.
RACHEL: Pheebs, you laugh at me?
PHOEBE: I did, but it was so hard. I didn't have a stable husband for a baby. I lost it's soul. Y'know? I lost it's sense of humor. Y'know? And I didn't have a solid dating future.
JOEY: Hey!
RACHEL: What'd you have?
JOEY: Nothing. But I was going to tell you something about how I never lie, and how I look around at the ladies' room. Well, how 'bout that?
RACHEL: Well, look around.
JOEY: Women are so beautiful. Oh, nature, she is.
PHOEBE: Umm, look around.
JOEY: Seriously, she...does it look like you're planning on going to a movie tonight?
RACHEL: Umm, yeah.
PHOEBE: Do you wanna go to a movie in the morning?
RACHEL: Oh, my God! Oh, yeah, y'know what? I can't. I can't. It's like nature, people are sooo looking!
RACHEL: That's right, nature, her!

And that is how I spent my afternoon.
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Another of green hair girl
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Green hair and a lab coat

June 05 2018

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I miss AnimeFlavor. In the meantime, here are some alts to AnimeFlavor to view. animeland.tv, animestreams, animeultima, justdubsanime.

June 03 2018

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Anime maid
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Anime girl drawing
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Two anime wizards
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Pikachu in the meadow
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keep it chill
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Cool and blue anime action.
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fuzzy and cuddly anime action
Tags: naruto anime
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Dragon Ball Super
Tags: anime
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A little pokemon tribute in my anime collection
Tags: anime pokemon
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Anime rocker girl looking very punk

The Comprehensive Information to Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super is an exciting Japanese anime Television series that started airing on July 5, 2015. The anime series is produced by Toei Animation, and its own outline is made by Akira Toriyama, the inventor of Dragon Ball franchise, whilst every other event is a written by different screenwriters.

After defeating Majin Buu and fixing peace on the planet for the second time, dragon ball super tries to follow the experience of the protagonist GOKU. Goku adventures begin for more powerful, and this assists him to attain the power of a god. He strives to guard the earth against the effective destructive divinities and goes to the many universe to challenge other powerful opponents and all of the unstoppable foes while attaining knowledge on the recently acquired powers beneath the gods of the earth.

Besides his major part as the creator of the series, Akira Toriyama can be acknowledged for the initial story and character design ideas used in the new anime that was directed by Kimitoshi Chioka. Akira expounded about his participation with the "Upcoming Trunks arc," pointing out that he were able to create the story by using suggestions from the editorial section. He also says that his principal duty has been writing the overall plot outline, which the scriptwriters use to compile and expand this content of the story into solitary episodes.

The screenwriters have been making adjustments and upgrades because they strive their best to make the history more fascinating. Apart from the people created by Akira, other heroes found in Universe Survival arc” had been created by Toyotarou, who's an artist of the anime’s manga adaptation.

The first preview of Dragon Ball Super series was proven on television on June 14, 2015. In the next day, the main advertising image for the series was incorporated into the official site and disclosed two brand-new characters.

Dragon Ball Super follows the encounters of Goku at that time skip between your episode 288 and episode 289 of Dragon Ball Z. originally, the series reiterates the happenings of Dragon Ball Z in the fight of gods and Resurrection F’ for its initial two arcs. Even though there are some differences, most of the predominant story points are comparable.

There are many best and secure methods to watch all of the episodes of Dragon Ball Super online. The legal means are provided below so you can appreciate your series without worry.


This is an online video streaming platform that provides numerous shows such as dragon ball super. It is a leading international system and destination for Japanese anime and all Asian content. Crunchyroll is the best place to watch your series because it is conveniently accessed on its websites, by its cellular apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows phone. You may also access the solutions of Crunchyroll in your Kindle, PlayStation, Apple TV, Internet Enabled TVs, Roku and Nintendo WiiU. Once you subscribe, you will appreciate a free usage for a restricted duration. sites better than kissanime includes a paid service of $6 monthly subscription that you can be found with unlimited utilization of everything on Crunchyroll.


This is among the best video streaming platforms that is dedicated to anime content only, and it directly simulcast from Japan. Currently, 303 shows are available to view on AnimeLab, and it offers its services in Japan, Australia, and New Zealand. They offer a free service for a limited duration. However, you can upgrade to the superior membership to access their library to take pleasure from their services. It has a user-friendly interface in their websites, and it is accessible through Android, Apple Television, iOS, and PlayStation.


This is a certified and certified website that circulates Japanese anime content to the world. The website was made by anime to create awareness of anime around the globe. Daisuki is currently the only internet site that you can get all the anime articles, and it displays all the anime series in HD. Because of this, the website allows you to view your series in high res. They offer free services for a limited duration to try a few of your interesting series such as dragon ball super. You can decide to sign up for the premium membership to ensure that you can appreciate your Dragon Ball super without interruption.

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